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Pretty Little Plumbs

Blue Sky Balloon Kit

Regular price $33.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $33.00 USD
Hand Pump
→ Choose your length from 4ft-12ft
→ Includes ALL supplies you need
→ Ships in 1-3 days
→ Custom kits and themes available, send me a message!

→ Latex balloons in the colors: navy, fog, bue sky, and gold in 5 inch, 11 inch, and 17 inch sizes.
→ Supplies to build and hang garland (hooks, tying supplies, etc.)
→ Detailed written instructions and link to video demonstrations
→ Balloon hand pump is OPTIONAL

Choose the size of your garland from 4ft-12ft. If you would like a size not listed, send me a message for a custom order!
→ 4 foot garland includes 48+ latex balloons
→ 6 foot garland includes 72+ latex balloons
→ 8 foot garland includes 96+ latex balloons
→ 10 foot garland includes 120+ latex balloons
→ 12 foot garland includes 144+ latex balloons

This is a DIY balloon kit. All balloons will ship deflated and assembly is required. Balloon hand pump is OPTIONAL. I recommend an electric balloon pump for faster assembly. For reference, a 6 foot garland can take about 1 hour to assemble. Balloons can be built and kept inside 1-2 days before event. Balloons may pop in extreme heat and prolonged direct sunlight exposure. If your balloon kit has foil balloons, do not overfill them as it will cause them to pop. I recommend using a hand pump for foil balloons. Due to the nature of the item we do not accept returns or exchanges.

If you are interested in a custom theme, send me a message!